Jun 18, 2013

If I Photoshop my thighs will my legs stop chafing

Jun 15, 2013
Jun 14, 2013

do you think if I wear one of those skelton dresses from hot topic then I will look bone thin?? or like skeleton halloween costumes? as long as I wear it in the dark, right ?

Jun 13, 2013
quick and easy tutorial!

quick and easy tutorial!

Jun 12, 2013

this girl on tv cut off 5 lbs of hair so i am off to shave my head

May 19, 2013

so I found out ‘food poisoning’ can make you trhow up
this is perfect! So if I go to the doctor and get diagnosed with food poisioning I wont ever have 2 eat again because food posions me!!!1!

May 18, 2013


i have to  get the flu!!!!!!!!!!!

Today at school I went to the band room and played all the flutes so that should ensure i get the flu

May 17, 2013

so i pooped out dinner!!!! I did not even have to get sick!! my body must be trained now to be skinny!!!!!!

May 16, 2013

my mom made me eat dinner with her and watched me eat so i had to eat. I want to throw it up now, but i dont know how?

the only time i have ever thrown up was when i got the flu, so I guess i am going to try getting the flu

i am not sure where exactly to look for the flu, but i licked all the door handles and toilet seats in the house and drank from some guy’s water bottle at the bus stop (and then spit out the water oc! wudnt want water wegiht!!!)

May 15, 2013

we got home from the hospital today and i started filling out job appplications online and these are my skill so far

-wont steal pepperoni’s

-determined/diligent (cleaned my hamster’s cage for 2 years (until it died) (of natural causes), once fasted for 2 months (before intervention))

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